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New fields don't effect consisting entries

  • Hello!
    May be this issue is discussed alreday, but I didn’t find any solution…

    When I am adding fields, this fields won’t work on alreday existing pages. When I create a new page, the field can be set.

    What can I do to take over the new fields in alreday existing pages, posts,…

    Thanks a lot!

    The solist

  • What’s the location rule setting? (Where you define the location of fields – “Show this field group if”)

  • Hello tictac and thank’s a lot for your reaction!

    The setting is “Post Type is equal page”.

    There are no other settings.

  • P.S.:

    When I open an existing page, the fields are shown! I can fill them up, but they won’t be stored. I’ve looked in the postmetas-table and found that the fields are not stored for the affected post-id.

  • P.P.S.:
    I’ve grapped yor suggestion and tried it again…

    1. If I edit another “old” page, the changed value of a “new” field ist stored – that was my anticipation is for every page-post, actually.
    2. The problematic page is the Start-page. Even this was not set in the Theme, I set it and enhenced the rule with “OR [page type is equal startpage]” – the “new” field isn’t stored.
    3. I enhanced the rule furthermore with “OR [page is equal <page-title>]” – no effect, the “new” field for the post-id of <page-title> won’t be stored.

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