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New fields are not showing on the front end

  • Hello,

    Am trying to create a new field and add it to the home page through the GUI of wordpress, but every time i refresh i don’t see the new section, can you please help,


  • We need more info than that. What are you refreshing? The admin area of the home page? Or the public facing home page? Is the field group in which the field resides set to show on the home page? Is the template code implemented on the respective template? Adding fields is usually a two-step process, you know?

  • Am having the same issue i created fields in the back end but they arent showing after i publish the post

  • Please see the comment by @vipstephan

    Fields added in the admin are not automatically displayed on the site. Showing fields requires making code changes to the template(s) used.

  • Hi

    I’m using elementor and Ocean WP theme.

    I have created a new custom field called ‘category image’ and applied it to a new taxonomy I made using CPT UI called ‘Success Story Categories’. The intention being that when I click on a category, I want it to display the archive page for that category, plus a category image.
    It works fine in Elementor edit mode and the dynamic field changes depending on which category is shown. But when I look at it from the users front end, the image is not displaying. It will only show a fallback image.

    Is this the same issue as Jennifer and Arthur do you think? Or should I start a new thread?

  • What a shity plugin, and even shitier support… What is the use of having a plugin that doesn’t work from the get go and requires users to code? I really hope no one is buying this straw house.

  • Sorry you field that way, and I am not support, I’m just one of those people that likes this plugin and enjoys coding, you could say it’s what I do for a living. There are other plugins that do similar things that do not require coding, none of them as good as ACF, but they’ll get the job done. If you don’t want to code I would suggest you search for custom field plugins over on WP and try one of the alternates.

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