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New Fields are not saving data

  • Hello;

    Everything used to be working fine, but recently I have noticed that if I add any new field to any group, the field shows up in the post edit page, but it does not save the inserted value.

    Old fields in the same group still can be updated, but this only happens to new added fields.

    also, if I edit the any of the old fields, they will stop saving values too.

    Any Idea?!

    note: this happens on both, frontend and backend

  • by the way, I am using WPML.

  • Hi @awwad,

    Thanks for the post.

    This is quite odd, is it possible that you have another plugin that could be interfering with the ACF field entries made in the db?

    This would ultimately affect the saving and loading of field settings.

    Have you tried replicating this issue on a clean install, perhaps on your localhost?

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