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New Field Type v4 to v5 guide?

  • Would be really handy to see a tutorial/walk through on moving a v4 custom field type to one compatible with v5. doesn’t seem to work anymore. I tried to fork and hack it back into shape but a lot has changed and I didn’t get anywhere good!

  • Neither does Nav Menu field. Unfortunately There aren’t replacements for some fields and I’m not sure that the authors have any plans of updating their addons in the near future. I’ve contacted some of the developers because I have sites using these plugins that I can’t update to ACF5. Honestly if I don’t see anything by the next time I have some free time to kill I’m going to have to build replacements…. unless someone else gets to it first.

  • The Website Link and Font Awesome doesn’t work either. I purchased ACF5 to get the premium and the latest and greatest now I am kicking myself because these other plugins isn’t working and I am right in the middle of my project. Argh!

  • Hi guys

    Although there is no field type migration guide from v4 to v5, the changes are easy to see when viewing the v4 and v5 template files found via this article:


  • That just served to make me feel bad! 🙂

    Perhaps to more seasoned developers the changes are obvious but I tried diffing the two templates with the Code Area add-on and didn’t get very far via trial and error. Perhaps, time permitting, a “foo” is now “bar” would be handy for those of us in the trenches trying to update other people’s add-ons? Would be for me anyway!

  • Heh, I’ve looked it over and I fully intend to do the ones I need when I have time (and time is the issue at hand). More than likely I’ll just build new ones, but that’s just me. If I’m going to end up maintaining these plugins in the future then I’d want them coded in my own peculiar way 😛 not to mention that if I’m going to do them and maintain them I’d want to completely understand what’s going on rather than just hack up a replacement by copy/paste/modify.

    Code area field not only needs updating to ACF5, it also needs updating to the most recent version of Code Mirror. It’s currently running on 3.13 and Code Mirror is now up to 4.4.

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