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New Field Type in Theme ACF Folder

  • Any tips on how to add custom field types to theme’s ACF? I can download and add it as a plugin, but I would prefer to include it into my theme/acf folder. Adding it to the fields folder seems not the right way either as that directory will be overridden so perhaps elsewhere in the theme, but not sure then how I would load it. Any recommended ways for this?

  • You just need to include the main file from your new plugin. For example if you added the folder /your-theme/acf/my-cusomt-field-type in functions php you would do something like

    indclude (dirname(__FILE__).'/acf/my-cusomt-field-type/acf-my-custom-field-type.php');
  • Yeah, I thought it would be something like that. Thanks for sharing this @John Huebner!

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