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Nested tab fields. Possible?

  • Is it possible to have nested tab fields, for example to have several tabs with language names and inside have different tabs to separate actual fields.

  • Nevermind, I figured it out. You have to use ‘End-point’ in the tab settings.

  • Maybe you can tell me how you did this. I’m attempting to get several tabs on the left and then to have several tabs inside each of these tabs. I’ve tried every combination of end points with not much luck.

  • It doesn’t seem like it’s possible to do fully nested tabs – using the endpoint setting you can finish one set of tabs and start a new one, but it’s not really nested: you can’t go back to your original set of tabs and start a new tab.

  • Yeah, I gave up on the idea. It seems like nested tabs is too much to ask. The operation of tabs is pretty complex. I’m thinking there’d need to be a completely different way to handle the nested ones.

  • I managed to do this by creating groups, each of which has its own tab, and then within each group creating a new set of tabs. Tabs within tabs.

  • @jackfowler Thanks a lot, your method works.

  • @jackfowler Awesome, your information helped although I think it could use a bit more explanation. I was stuck on Field Groups, but then I realized you meant a Group field.



    Yes, nested tabs works!

    You first need to create a Tab field, then after the Tab field add a Group field ( NOT a Field Group ). Leave the Group field Label blank and in the sub fields of that Group field add your nested tabs and fields.

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