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Nested flexible content not saving.

  • Hello, I’m attempting to set up my own mega menu style navigation system on an options page. I’m coming to realize this might be harder than expected.

    The data saves correctly if an item uses one of the first 2 layouts.
    But when I try to save input via the 3rd layout with a nested Flexible content field, upon save the inputs are blanked out.

    This is the following Layout/content types and structure that I’m using.

    Menu Items (Flexible Content)
    1. Internal Link (Post Object)

    2. External Link
    – – Ext_Name (Text)
    – – Ext_URL (Url)

    3. MultiLink Group (Flexible Content)
    A. Internal Link Group
    -Internal Link Items (Repeater)
    – – Internal Link (Post Object)

    B. External Link Group
    -External Link Items (Repeater)
    – – Ext_Name (Text)
    – – Ext_URL (Url)

    Any Ideas?

    In the end I want to output the code of a custom menu to a bootstrap nav using the yamm3 3 mega menu mod,

    I’ve also tried, “but not very hard” to code a custom nav-walker, but I gave up because I thought I could get the same results with some AFC voodoo with less cyborg hopscotching.

    In the end, I want to out put an li with nested ul’s based on sub-parent/child groups.

    Thanks in advance.

  • I’ve tried something a bit different, instead of nested flexible content, I chose to use repeaters instead.

    Here is a screen shot of my mega menu options page, it allows me to add top level link types; internal link, external link, and MultiLink Group.

    Inside of MultiLink, it has a top level name, link location, and a repeater for link items.

    My Mega Nav options page

  • Hi @traviskelleher

    It is most likely that the data being saved can’t fit within the limits of the wp_options table.

    By default, the max length of an options name is 64 characters. Due to the nested nature of your fields, the name being saved would be larger than 64.

    The solution is to either modify your field names and make them shorter, or edit the wp_posts table and increase the length of the options_name column.


  • It works!!! Thanks Elliot.

  • If anyone is interested, here is my AFC mega menu in action.

    It’s using Yamm!3

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