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Nested Field Groups or something similiar possible ?

  • Hi everyone,

    is there a possibility to nest field groups ?

    Let me explain what I’m trying todo: I have a big page with different page layouts. But all the layouts must have a header image and a headline for example (there are more areas which repeat in some layouts).

    Then the page layout varies. Some pages have just text, others have a gmaps on it or both, some have a subline and so on.

    So usually, I define different field groups (header, content1, content-maps…) and then tell them to just appear on just some of the templates. This works fine, but they appear below each other. I’m trying to have a tab for each field group.

    So I define a tab in every field group, but if I assign the field groups to templates, the tabs will appear below each other, not grouped together.

    The only way to have tabs seems to be, to define them in one field group. But that means, I have to redefine the header group for every single field group.

    So my question basically is, how to get the tabs together or how to re-use the fieldgroups in other fieldgroups. I already tried to inject the fieldgroups via javascript, but that didn’t really work out.

    Ist there a way to load field groups on runtime in the post edit mode ? Via javascript or via the functions.php in my theme ?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

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