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Need to upload a folder of files or a zip (to then be automatically unzipped)

  • I’ve got a client that needs to upload on a fairly regular basis html content that will appear within their website as a seperate micro site. They are being provided by another 3rd party every few weeks with a new microsite to upload. Currently they do this via FTP and it’s a bit unfriendly.

    I was wondering if there’s any way I can improve this process, either…

    – with a 3rd party plugin to ACF that allows for a whole batch of files to be uploaded at once (the resulting files don’t have to appear in the WP media browser, in fact best if they don’t).

    – or through some mechanism of uploading a single zip file and the server then auto unzipping to a new folder once uploaded. is this possible via ACF and some hook ?

    Any suggestions or experience with something simular would be greatly appreciated if shared!

  • Hi @arkid77

    I’m afraid this needs heavy modification to work well.

    ACF doesn’t have the multi-files upload feature. For something like that, you need to use repeater field instead. But this still means that you need to select the files one by one.

    Also, the uploaded fields via ACF will always be registered on the media page unless you delete it after the files are successfully uploaded.

    Regarding the zipped file, you can use the acf/save_post action to modify the uploaded file after a post is saved. To unzip the file, kindly check this function:

    I hope this makes sense 🙂

  • Hi @james thanks for the response. The second route sounds very much more feasible, I might have a go at this and if I do I will share the results.

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