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Need to Merge Field Groups without losing data.

  • Hello!
    I’ve got two field groups which are showing up on the same custom post type in the admin.

    Now I realize that I want both field groups to be combined as one because I’m using the tab field type to organize things better.

    There is alot of data already added to the field group I’d like to move. My question is: If I add these fields to the new field group and then delete the old ones will the data get erased in the process? My guess is No. But famous last words…

    Or is there a way to merge field groups that I’m unaware of?

    Thanks so much!

  • Hi @intrepidrealist,

    I would recommend a workaround where you will only merge the Tabs in the field groups without having the need to merge the actual field groups.

    This can be achieved using the following plugin that is avialable in the WordPress plugin directory:

    I hope this workaround helps.

  • Wow! Awesome to know about this plugin!

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