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Need to generate A List of Image Sliders as Post Objects

  • Hi there

    I have several custom post types with several custom fields. One of the fields is a text field which is used to generate shortcode to display an image slider (Using the RoyalSlider plugin)

    This solution works fine however I’d like to find a way to return a list of available sliders instead of manually entering the shortcode. I’d like to return the slider titles. Is there a way to use ACF to achieve this?

    At present I am doing this:

    $shortcode = get_field('image_slider'); echo do_shortcode ($shortcode);

    The Field ‘image_slider’ is a text field containing the shortcode e.g. [new_royalslider id=”1″].

    RoyalSlider has a method which returns the Slider title:

    global $wpdb; $prefix = $wpdb->prefix; $sliders = $wpdb->get_results("SELECT id,name FROM " . $prefix . "new_royalsliders ORDER BY id"); foreach ($sliders as $slider) { $name = $slider->name; $id = $slider->id; } echo $name;

    But I don’t know how to use this with ACF to generate this as a post object for example or the gallery add on?

    Any help would be awesome

    Many thanks:
    WP: 3.9
    ACF: 4.3.8

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