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Need testers for my plugin

  • Hi !
    I’m working on a new plugin and I need testers to give me some feedbacks.

    Plugin description :
    It allows you to save layouts in the flexible field as templates and to use them again.
    The functionnalities :
    – Save flexible fields layouts as templates
    – Classify templates in categories
    – Import templates into other contents (if they use the same flexible field)
    – Edit templates (subfields, their content, add / remove row)

    If you use ACF with the flexible field and these features seem relevant, I need you to test my plugin. I will appreciate your feedback on everything (interface, bugs, etc)
    The repo on GitHub :
    Please read the FAQ and take a look at screenshots.

    You can contact me here, or if you find a bug open an issue on the GitHub repo.
    Important note : This plugin is under development, please do not use it on live site but on development site.

    For my French friends 😉

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