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Need Post Object-like UX on Taxonomy field type

  • Hi there,

    I got a bit of a tricky challenge here. I would like to share the challenge for anyone who might get across it in the future.

    The context:
    * My site has 5k+ taxonomies.
    * There are two Taxonomy fields inside a repeater.
    * That makes the edition page bulky and unresponsive to the user.

    My planned solution:
    * I need to make the User eXperience of the Taxonomy field type just as useful as the Post Object (or User field type) is.

    That is:
    * A textbox.
    * When you start typing in it, it triggers an autofill functionality.
    * You can click on an autofill suggestion and it will ‘lock’ it inside a box (inside of the textbox).
    * You can drag and drop ‘locked boxes’ to order them.

    Now, I have been digging around the filters for a while and I cannot see a proper way of tricking the Post Object into retrieving taxonomies (since it uses the WP_Query function).

    I am out of ideas, anyone has any?


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