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Need only one thumbnail for gallery images

  • I have the code like this in the functions.php file.

    add_image_size("slider", 527, 350, true); // 1st thumbnail
    add_image_size("slidertop", 120, 80, true); // 2nd thumbnail
    add_image_size("topweb", 60, 60, true);// 3rd thumbnail

    Meaning on every image upload via WordPress standard upload feature
    WordPress creates three thumbs for me.

    POINT: For gallery images I just need one thumbnail.
    Does ACF Gallery have the option to suppress not needed thumbnail sizes when generating the thumbnails.

    I basically have 100 galleries and over 10.000 images and creating extra thumbnails is not smart in my case.

    I checked but WordPress seams not solved this problem yet.


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