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Need help with initial design of complex database

  • I’ve used ACF for a few projects in the past – but none as big as the one I’m currently undertaking. It’s for a client and, in simple terms, it’s a tutor “matchmaking” website. That is, it undertakes to connect students with tutors who can teach them exactly what they need, based on subject and level.
    Initially, the website was intended to only connect students from grades 1-12 with tutors. My clients now want to have it function with university-level courses. This has increased the complexity significantly and I foresee having to create an entirely different set of tools for tutors indicating what specific courses they can teach and students properly finding tutors through a multi-level drill-down of institution > specialization > course area > course name.
    I need some help with properly designing the database, hoping to get its design correct on the first iteration, hence me looking for some help here!
    If compensation is required, then I’m open to providing it.
    I’m located in western Canada and would feel best working with someone in North America, but that’s not a requirement.
    I’ve written a descriptive document that lays out my initial database design and provides a few narratives of how I envision a student might search for a prospective university-level tutor.
    You can reach me through this forum or directly by email.
    Thanks in advance for considering helping me out.

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