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Need help updating versions

  • Greetings All!
    I am very new to WordPress and this plugin. I am currently using V4.1.6. I would like to update to the current version V4.3.2. Would this be a difficult update to accomplish? I am afraid that I might destroy my site if I attempt the update myself. I just do not know what to expect from doing an update. Perhaps I need a professional for this update. May I get some advise?

    Here is my site:

    Thank you!

  • Hi @n6xb

    There have been no changes to data from any of the version 4 releases, so any update should be seamless.

    You can update a plugin via the wp-admin -> plugins page.

    If you are worried about potential issues, just make a backup of your database. There are backup plugins or you can always ask your host to backup the DB for you.


  • Very good. I will give it a whirl! Thank you!

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