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Need Help to manage Columns in Admin

  • Hi, I create with the felxible/repeater-field a Table-element

    – Flexible field
    – – Select field (to Manage columns ; 1col, 2col, 3col eg.)
    – – Repeater (to create Column fields)
    – – – Wysiwyg (column1)
    – – – Wysiwyg (column2)
    – – – Wysiwyg (column3)
    – – – Wysiwyg (column4)

    and so far, so good..

    but how can i manage the columns in the admin?
    e.g. when I select 2-columns that I see only 2-columns in admin

    I have tried this with jquery but I had no luck 🙁

    I have read that you plan add the conditional logic to the repaterfield.
    Will the new repeater-conditional-logic work in a flexible field?

    I can’t wait for it!!!

  • Hi @davelee

    Yes, with the newly coming sub field conditional logic, your screenshot will work as expected.

    For now, you will need to write some custom JS.

    Do you need any help with the jQuery?
    Have you got an event firing when you change the select field (which determines the number of columns?)

  • @eliot thank for your quick reply
    sorry for the delay.
    I had deleted my jquerycode and had to create a new one.

    here is my jquery code

    what does not work is the selected option

  • Hi @davelee

    Your jQuery does not take into account for new DOM elemenets.

    You need to use .live or the new .on function to allow for new DOM elements.
    Perhaps you could checkout the ACF JS file (input.js) to see how I add JS events to elements?


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