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Need help debugging

  • Hello, I am trying to track down a problem and I would like to see the content from my custom field in mysql. I can see the group name stored in post id but I do not see how or where the content is stored in the database. From what i understand, this data is being stored with a category. Which i can find my category id by doing a select on the wp_terms table. I found my term_id of 18. However I can not find any content that contains the value of my custom fields. Any help would greatly be appreciated as I am working on a timeline.


  • Hi @rddesigns

    ACF saves the value of ‘term’ custom fields to the wp_options table.
    The option_name will have a prefix of $taxonomy_$termID_$fieldName

    I hope that helps

  • Just to give anyone who could search for this some extra informaiton, here was the exact sql statement

    “select * from wp_options where option_name like “%_category_%_start_date%”

    where start_date is the name of my field.

    Thanks again for your speedy answer.

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