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Need help confirming my structure

  • I came up with this title, because I tried to figure out how to access dynamically or else certains infos, without luck.

    I am making a somewhat-like movies database, but with user-written stories (fan-fiction)

    I want to allow “authors” to post fan-fiction stories based on the “original named” stories. Let’s called the Original named stories : “Stories Titles”, and the fan-fiction user stories named “Stories”. I created a CPT of “Stories Titles”, and a CPT of “Stories”

    Each “Stories Titles” have a ACF group named : “Story Characters”, that contains a “Characters” repeater with only 1 text field “character_name”. This is to list -every available characters- of the “Original story”.

    Now. Here is where it’s getting a bit hard for me to figure out. When I am in the backend of a user “Story”, I load another ACF group named “Story Options”, where there is some option fields. One of the options is “selected characters” which is a multiple-select where I want to be populated from the “Original Story”. The goal is to allow the author to select “which paring characters are mainly used in your own fan-fiction”.

    I tried many configurations but .. without luck.

    My story options :
    Page_Link (to get the post-id of the “Original Story” at the very least)
    Selected Characters (select) which could be populated from the “Page_link” value/query/whatever above
    Other irrelevant options..

    How can I do that? I tried many filters, but I’m not sure… anyway please help me out, thanks!!

  • Thanks for your help, I could figure out what to do.

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