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  • I am using Elementor to create a loop item in which I would like to place a Nav Menu.

    The loop is generated from ACF Page content.

    Within the page I would like to select a Nav Menu – or reference it in some in which it can be rendered within the loop.

    The items within the menu are custom post types which are linked to the page by a category (I can’t recall off top of head if it’s a native WP category or one from ACF). So it may also be possible to achieve the aim another way… (but I don’t know what that is).

    I see there are various threads on GitHub referencing plugins – but they are all very old.

  • I found this code to populate a select field with nav menus:

    Which it does, but then I don’t have a field to select that choice and represent as a menu.

    I guess I could put each of the menu choices (there are only 3 I need) in a template and then display the template using a shortcode populated with an ACF field. A bit more convoluted but should work…

  • OK so it seems the simplest solution is to put the menu in a template, load the Shortcodes for the 3 menu templates into an ACF Select field and then load the ACF field into the loop using a Shortcode field in Elementor.

    A bit more long winded than I wanted but it works.

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