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Naming flexible content subfields

  • Hello, I have a simple question about naming flexible content subfields. Do the subfield names within different layouts (same field group) need to be unique?

    For example, I ran a test with two layouts: Two Column and Three Column.

    Two Column layout has two wysiwyg subfields: column_one, column_two.

    Three Column layout has three wysiwyg subfields: column_one, column_two, column_three.

    I set this up by duplicating the Column Two layout and adding the third column. I did not change the subfield names, so both layouts are using the column_one and column_two subfields.

    Everything works and displays properly on the front end. Can I leave it this way, or should I go back and make every subfield name unique (for example, appending the layout name in front of the column name for each subfield.)

    Thanks for input.

  • Yes. Due to the way that ACF creates the meta_key values for repeaters (including flex fields) sub field names in each layout do not need to be unique.

  • That’s great. Thanks for your help!

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