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My thread disappeared?

  • I created a post/thread and edited it, like, two times, and after submitting the last time I got an empty text field and my post didn’t show up in the list. I tried to post again and it said something like “it appears that you have already posted this” – is there a moderation queue to which my post was moved (because I edited it in close succession, perhaps) and is now hidden until moderator approval? If so, could it please be approved?

  • Your topic is back up. This sometimes happen if you make updates and submit them too quickly.

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  • I too have had this problem multiple times lately. I get: “ERROR: Duplicate reply detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!”. How do I know when or if I can view my post/reply again? Very frustrating.

    Maybe the settings can be tweaked a bit? And might I suggest a preview mode, that would spare a lot of edits.

  • @lepardman If you have it post a link to the tread you’re having an issue with.

  • Third attempt on trying to post a reply to you John (two attempts yesterday with 1-2 hours in between). After submit the posts just vanish, don’t know what’s happening.

    Anyway, thank you for replying! Here’s the url

    My latest reply has since then appeared but there’s also a duplicate posted because I think it re-posted on page refresh once the lock lifted.

  • I found and corrected the post. For some reason it was marked as spam, I don’t know why, I have no access to the settings for whatever is used for spam prevention here. But once you have a reply marked as spam it becomes nearly impossible to post anything here unless all your messages are marked not spam.

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