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My thoughts on ACF Pro

  • I just read the information about ACF Pro. Thank you for offering me a free personal license for ACF pro. I do appreciate that, but I use the repeater add-on for just about every site that I build. It’s been an indispensable tool.

    I’m not opposed to paying more money to support your product, your business, and the good work that you do, and I will upgrade to the pro version – but I wanted to let you know that from a customer stand point feeling that I have to purchase this upgrade in order to keep my existing repeater installs up to date leaves me with a bit of a bad taste.

    All the best.

  • To follow up, I’d like to know if I can convert the ACF personal license to a professional license, and credit the $25 from the personal license towards the purchase of the developer license.

    I appreciate the thought, but the personal license isn’t something that I can use, as I use my repeater plugin on multiple sites, both live and currently under development, not just on my personal site.

    Thanks in advance for any info.

  • I am also in the same situation as Jimmy. I only use the repeater, but use it on almost every site.

    Having an option to upgrade the license would be the most ideal.

  • @sethta – there’s an upgrade option available in your account, under the “my licenses” section. It offers an upgrade from personal to developer for $75

    Not sure if this was not there yesterday and there today, or if I was just being dense. Probably the later.

  • I don’t think it was there yesterday because I didn’t see it either… or we’re both dense. 😉

  • Probably the later! :-p

    I just tried to upgrade but the cart timed out on me.

    I’m just going to hold off for a bit, I think.

  • Hey guys.

    Thanks for the thread. I do agree with what you have raised, and don’t like the idea that I am forcing people to upgrade to the dev license but my reason for doing so was to make it fair between people who had purchased 1 add-on, and people who had purchased multiple. Kind of like a dollar for dollar freebee.

    I guess, the positives are that you will always have the repeater field add-on to use with ACF4, and you can download the ACF PRO files as many times as you like, if you want to use it on multiple sites (perhaps could prevent clients from upgrading and causing issues)?

    I hope you guys don’t hate me for the new ACF PRO change. It might seem annoying at the moment, but trust me, ACF PRO is going to grow and get even more amazing over the next few months.

    .smutek – sorry for the cart issues. Just upgraded the server and all is humming nicely.


  • All good Elliot, thanks for your good work and best of luck moving forward. 🙂

  • Completely understandable. You had a business decision to make and it’s much easier having to only worry about with two plugins than one with multiple add-ons.

    I’ve been doing some research on many of the other custom field plugins, and none of them have everything I need. ACF is still the closest.

    What I would really like to see is a place where we can add a class to the field. There are times when I need to manipulate a specific field through either CSS or JS, and having an associated class would be much easier than finding the ID and interacting with that. I’ve thought about creating an Add-on for ACF4, but with ACF5 out now, I’ll hold off until I’m more familiar with the code.

    Thanks for the great work!

  • @sethta, the idea for adding a class to fields is awesome. +1 for that.

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