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Multisite: Wrong image path (image field)

  • I have a WordPress multisite setup with different sites. And I am using the “WordPress MU Domain Mapping” plugin to connect the different domains. So far so good. But there is one problem while using the ACF image field for both settings: “id” or “URL” …

    For example:

    1) I use an ACF image field to display a picture on a mapped domain but the image path leads to the main site (called and not to the mapped domain (

    Like this (ACF):

    2) But if I am using on a mapped domain the standard ACF text field with the default WP upload button the image shows the proper image path:

    In both cases the image is displayed but in the first case it looks nonprofessional to have the wrong domain name in the image path and I think it’s not SEO friendly.

    So is there a solution to use an ACF image field on a multisite with a proper image path like shown in the second example?

    Many thanks in advance,

    PS: Please not: Do click on the links … I have just made them up to give an example

  • I found a solution for me right now: It’s very important that you set under global network setting for each domain/site a individual upload path (field is called “upload path”). Otherwise you get an image path pointing to the main site. Why the default setting (empty) is not working is beyond me.

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