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Multisite Post Object

  • I run a multisite (if I have my way it will stay ‘a’ but there you go) where it would be so useful to be able to offer the user a selection of Post Objects from another site.

    There used to be a plugin for this (since broken and unmaintained). I have tried to write a hook to do it but failed. (it seems switch_blog() does not work in a hook)

    So, feature request, Post Object field or Relationship field that can operate multisite please.

  • You can try requesting it here

    This topic has come up many times in the past and multiple solutions have been provided [forum search results]

  • It has indeed, without any working solution I can find, and I’ve waded through all the research many times.

    What’s the difference between ‘Feature Requests’ and ‘Feedback’ ?

    I think you were right, when you said there was a solution that was abandoned, that building on that work may be the way forward. It’s not that easy to find the source any more, it’s been removed from github.

  • The feature request forum here was created many years ago by the original developer when he used to actually look at the forum on a regular basis.

    Developers of this plugin do not monitor this forum any more, but the original forums are still here. The only people that visit and answer questions here now are other users.

  • The details on how this could be done would depend on what you have in mind.

    Will the post that can be selected always come from the same “other” site? Or do you want to allow the selection of the site? Some combination?

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