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Multiple values with one label with checkbox choices

  • Hi there

    I need a way to add multiple values with one label for a checkbox.

    Basically the frontend checkboxes will show 2 options, worldwide or Europe.

    If the select Europe an array of all country code for Europe will be present.

    So in the ACF admin I want to do the following or similar…

    “ad”, “ae”, “af”, “ag”, “ai”, “al”, “am”,… : Europe

    So multiple values with a single choice.

    Is this possible? I can’t seem to get this to work.


  • Don’t worry, I sorted it using str_split.

    So I entered adaeafagaialam : Europe

    Then split the string to create a new array called – $rmcwordwidearray
    Then requested that the split be every 2 characters which then gives me the country code.
    $rmcwordwide = get_field('rights_management_control_by_europe', $post->ID);
    $rmcwordwidearray = str_split($rmcwordwide,2);

    It would be nice if ACF could allow separation by pipe or semicolon which then splits and turns them into an array.

    I’m happy 🙂

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