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Multiple values selected, impossible to update

  • Hi,
    Could you help me please it’s very urgent !!!
    I’ve a repeating filed with DATE/PLACE/HOUR
    Date :datefiled
    Hour: text

    Everything worked fine but now in my PLACE field, impossible to modify the value it keeps always the same.
    I used a dropdown in order to select a unique. I just need one value.
    If a use a checkbox, i see that 2 values are selected and if i uncheck and save , it stays like this with the 2 values checked.

  • is it a bug with taxonomy field ??
    in 5.2.6 the option was SYNC TERMS no there’re LOAD TERMS SAVE TERMS

  • This may have been a change in the way ACF works. But if you want to load the current terms and save what it selected, yes you need to check both load terms and save terms.

  • Thanks John,

    What happened is that my taxonomy fields filled with all the taxonomy of the post.

    For example, if i choose for TAXO FIELD1 the value “PLACE1” and for TAXO FIELD2 “PLACE2” it becomes :


    If i uncheck value and save it stays like this.

    If i uncheck LOAD TERMS it seems to work but i don’t know why ???


  • There have been other reports of taxonomy fields not loading and saving correctly. Most of the time it’s something to do with other plugins or a filter in place on the field. In one case the filter that was causing the issue had nothing to do with the taxonomy field (

    Try deactivating plugins and changing themes.

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