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Multiple users data

  • Hello
    I was just thinking it could be useful if I was able to store a different dataset for each post contributor.

    For group edition, you could add a “multi-value” checkbox, for the full group or a single field for instance.

    Then for the frontend, you could return an array of values (instead of a single value) for each field, allowing to calculate average, min, max, most used taxonomy, etc… well for user ratting.

    It’s just an idea.

  • Hi @clickpanic

    I get what you want.. but I don’t get why?

    What kind of data do you want to save from each contributor on a post? Or am I misunderstanding you?

    I interpret your idea that you want to let different users add different values to a post in the same field (like user specific inputs).

  • This is a good interpretation 🙂 (sorry I’m dyslexic)

    In fact, I try to make a product review website.
    I can of course write specs myself but I’d like that each contributor give their advices / measures / etc… about different points of a product.

    For instance
    – Is it cheap / stylish / etc … (a score from 0 to 5)
    – A verified packed size / weight (a number)
    – A short review about reliability (text)
    – Best qualities (terms)
    – etc…

    Then I will display a average score (number fields), the minimum and maximun for weight (number), a list of reviews (text fields), the most used terms, etc…

    ACF would become a kind of multi-stars rating plugin, but much more polyvalent.

  • No problem!

    Hmm okay.. Don’t you think you could use comments for this? You can extend comments with ACF to add your own fields as well 🙂

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