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Multiple Select Field – remove commas from output

  • Hi, I am using a Multiple select field to see what classes to apply to an image.

    Anyways, in the back end, say I have these items selected:

    • classroom
    • Performance
    • Culture

    The Output I get is
    Classroom, Performance, Culture

    how do I remove the commas from the output?

  • You’re using the_field() for a field type that stores an array, which is automatically imploding the array with ', ' as a separator. You need to use get_feild() and do the imploding yourself, as well as the logic involved in testing to see if anything is returned.

    $classes = '';
    $value = get_field('select_field_name);
    if ($value) {
      $classes = implode(' ', $value);
    echo $classes;
  • Thank you that did exactly what I wanted. I didn’t realize get_field was going to output something different.

  • To be honest, I didn’t know the the_field() and get_field() worked slightly differently until I saw your question. But then I thought about it because I know that multi select fields store arrays and since the_field() outputs the values of a field I decided to look at the function to see how it treats arrays. So I got to learn something. 🙂

  • Hello!
    I have some problem.
    Where can I find it the_field() ? I can’t understand how remove commas 🙁

  • Some fields store arrays, fields like checkboxes, multi select and others. When you use the_field() for fields that store arrays ACF converts the array to a string and puts a comma between each element. For these types of fields, it you want to format the values in some other way then you need to use get_field() and then loop through the array yourself. These concepts are all covered in the documentation for each type of field that needs special consideration, like checkboxes

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