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Multiple Options page, not subpage

  • Hi, I have problem with options page:

    Normally code below works, but I don’t know how to add secend options page (no subpage). Is there any way to do it ?


    function my_options_page_settings($options)
    $options[‘title’] = __(‘Partners’);
    $options[‘pages’] = array(


    return $options;


  • anybody ? 🙂

  • Hey Jack,

    This is fairly simple. You can add multiple subpages by doing the following:

    function my_options_page_settings($options)
    $options['title'] = __(‘Partners’);
    $options['pages'] = array(
    (‘Page Two’),
    (‘Page Three’),
    (‘Page Four’)
    return $options;

    You just add onto the array.

  • This is not what I’m looking for 🙂
    You wrote how to add elements in Options, not how to add more than one Option page.

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