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Multiple options for field

  • I’m hoping somebody can help me out here…

    What I am aiming to achieve with ACF is for the user to have a field where they A) select a radio button to either add an image or a video and then B) for ACF to display the appropriate sub-field, where they will either upload an image or paste in a video embed code. The user will then add as much media as they like via the Repeater feature, choosing how they order the media.

    I’m struggling to think of a way to implement this feature.

    Any ideas?

  • If you’re using a repeater then have 3 sub fields in each repeater.

    1. Select Type of input
    2. Image field conditional on 1
    3. Text (or Textarea) field conditional on 1
  • That sounds like good logic. I think that will do the trick.
    Thank you!

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