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Multiple locations within single Google Map field

  • Hi,

    Right now Google Map field allows user to select only one location. To enable multiple locations selection, developers are forced to use repeater field or write some workarounds.

    The problem with repeater field is obvious – every map on screen requires a lot of space, resources and time to render it. So scenarios with 10+ locations might take up more memory on user computer, and worsen UX.

    So it would be nice to have a humble radio button in field settings with the following choices:
    1. Single location
    2. Multiple locations

    P.S. Google Maps API v3 is really powerful, so routes, polylines, infoboxes etc would be great additions to your product!

  • Hi @robertgres

    I’m afraid that is not possible at the moment. Could you please open a new ticket so your request can be passed directly to the plugin author? You can open a new ticket here: Also, please don’t forget to explain your request again.

    For now, you can always collapse the repeater field by clicking the arrow button when you hover the left bar of the rows. That way, it won’t take much space on the backend.

    Thanks 🙂

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