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Multiple links not working

  • Hi there,

    I have created a field group to be available for pages under F1 Drivers (parent page).
    I have multiple custom fields (text, images and links) to be displayed in the Driver page.
    The problem is that I have 3 custom fields such as Instagram, Twitter and Wikipedia links that I am not able to display in page using social icons. I tried to put [acf field="instagram"] inside the Social Icons widget in order to get the link but have no result.

    Anyone having some ideas how to solve this?

    I am using Generatepress as active theme and have created my pages using the default WordPress builder.

  • I also forgot to mention that I tried to put the shortcode as self standing element wrapped in html widget and i managed to get the actual link but as plain text not as actual clickable link.

  • The ACF shortcode is only good for simple fields. A link field would be considered a complex field because it stores an array of values. This would require building a custom shortcode.

    You might also look to see if your theme provides any guidance on using ACF.

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