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Multiple Issues with ACF Pro

  • I purchased the Developer licence and installed ACF5 Pro on a site I’m currently working on.

    The installation was fine and I updated the database as requested, however:

    – When I try to enter my licence the page reloads but the licence isn’t saved
    – At the top of the “Updates” page: “Error. Could not connect to update server”
    – I’ve created a Gallery but when I add images and click “update” they are never saved

    I’ve disabled all other plug-ins etc – any ideas how this can be resolved.

  • I logged on this morning and there was no error message about connecting to the server and I was able to save the licence key. I also updated ACF Pro to Version 5.0.7.

    I tried to save an image to the gallery without any success. I then switched theme to WordPress 2012 and could save an image to the gallery. Switched back to my own bare-bones theme and I could now also save images to the gallery so all appears to now be functioning correctly.

    I’d like to persist with ACF 5 but I’m worried about flaky performance. My theme is really stripped back and I can’t see anything in my functions.php which would affect the admin area in any way.

  • Hi @redsun

    Thanks for the bug reports.
    Conflicts are always an odd one, especially when they can’t be reproduced consistently.

    Keep an eye on any similar issues and be sure to post back here with any more info.


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