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Multiple Image Sizes

  • Hello,

    I am hoping someone will be able to help me… hopefully I will explain this well enough!

    I want to use the repeater fields to display a block of content and images as a list. However, I don’t want to use one crop size for all images.

    For example:

    List item 1: Image size 1
    List item 2: Image size 2
    List item 3: Image size 2
    List item 4: Image size 3

    Is this even possible?

  • You’d be able to do this if you do an incrementing variable like:

    <?php $i = 1; if( get_field('repeater') ): while( has_sub_field('repeater') ): ?>
         <?php if ( $i == 1 ) { ?>
         This is first list item
    <?php } elseif ( $i == 2 ) { ?>
    This is second list item
    <?php } elseif ( $i == 3 ) { ?>
    This is third list item
    <?php } elseif ( $i == 4 ) { ?>
    This is the fourth list item and so on...
    <?php } ?>
    <?php $i++; endwhile; endif; ?> 

    I wouldn’t duplicate the entire block of content that way but maybe like assign the image size to a variable and call it later or just do the $i conditional on the spot with the call to the image or similar. Hopefully that makes sense.

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