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Multiple Image Galleries

  • I had just purchased the PRO version of this plugin and so far love it.

    My client needs a page to list image galleries that they would upload. I am wondering if I can use ACF to make multiple image galleries? I would have a intro page that would have a image and gallery name with a button. You click the button and it takes you to the selected gallery.

    I am hoping that ACF would allow me to do this.

    Thank you in advance.

  • I would do this by creating a custom post type for galleries, each gallery would have it’s own “Post”. The page you describe would be the archive page for this post type.

  • Thanks John,
    I had thought of this as well after I posted this. I had actually got up from bed wrote down some notes and thumbnails on this and then went back to bed. I tried this and it worked perfectly.


    P.S. Loving this plugin and want to learn more about this and how to use it.

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