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multiple forms on 1 page no form tag on first form

  • Hi,
    I have multiple forms on 1 page in front end for saving seperatly. All works fine except the first form in the loop does not get any form tags. Any ideas why this could happen? All forms have an unique ID. acf_form_head() is loaded in template head after wp_head().

  • The code used to display these forms would help.

    Also, acf_form_head() must go at the top of the page, before any html is generated, usually before get_header(). wp_head() happens after HTML has been output.

  • I put acf_form_head() now above all html in theme header. That did not solve the issue. Will have another look at the loop code. Will post that here later.

    I have multiple ACF forms inside another form (not ACF). If I remove the parent form the first ACF form works again and gets form tags. When adding back the parent form all other ACF forms work, accept the first ACF form. They are all inside the parent form. Is there a solution for this?

    As a temporary fix I have put an empty <form></form> tag before the other forms and now it is working fine. Hope there will be a permanent fix for this issue from a ACF.

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