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Multiple Flexible Content Fields

  • Hello all,

    I have the following problem:

    Until now I use Flexible Contents fields with different elements for different page templates. For example: Head element (meta info, title image, teaser element), Cards element (repeater: card title, card content, card image) or FAQ element (repeater: FAQ title, FAQ content).

    Now there is the following difficulty: On all page templates e.g. the Head element should be available, but not on all page templates the FAQ or Card element.

    Theoretically, I would have to create a separate field group for each page template and create the elements that already exist there several times. That is mega time-consuming. There must be a better solution.

    How do you do that?

    Best regards,

  • You can do this using the clone fields. You create a field group that has all of the fields for a layout. These fields are not in flex fields, they are just fields. The you create a field group with a flex field for each different place you want the flex field and you create layouts, the layouts all have a single field and that is a clone field where you clone all of the fields of your other groups.

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