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Multiple Field Groups in a Block?

  • Hi there,

    Is it possible to add multiple field groups to a block?

    Good use case for this where you might have a common config questions for each block – examples below

    • Background Colour
    • Container Width

    Instead of creating a new field in each block/field group, it would be great to have the option to include one common field group in all blocks?

    I gave it a go, but it seems to output only one field group. Is there anyway to achieve this, or another approach?

  • I also seem to be having this exact issue!

    I’ve got a ‘global’ Field Group which outputs a series of general Block config options (width/margin settings) to all Blocks and then Block-specific Field Groups, however when both the ‘global’ Field Group is active and the Block-specific Field Group, only the ‘global’ one appears in the Gutenberg Editor, not the Block-specific content. Disabling the ‘global’ Field Group makes the Block-specific fields appear as usual.

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