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Multiple clone fields in the same group breaks conditional logic

  • Earlier today I discovered a bug where having conditional logic in a field that’s being cloned multiple times results in the field from the first clone field controlling all of the conditionals.

    For example, let’s say you have a field group that has text field B, with conditional logic that shows B when True/False field A is checked.

    If you clone the field group into another field group twice, the first instance of True/False field A will show/hide both instances of B.

    I’ve attached two field groups as an example, if you import those groups and navigate to a post you can see what’s happening. I’ve also attached a video demonstrating this.

  • None of your images uploaded, or whatever it was you tried to upload. Will need more information on the clone field settings.

    Are you using Seamless or Group?

    If you use Seamless and the fields are at the same level (siblings) then you are possibly creating duplicate fields (same field names and keys), I think, not exactly sure.

    Also, I have seen this happen, not all conditional logic works and plays well with cloned fields, but again, I’d have to see an example of the field groups involved to know if what you’re trying to do is possible.

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