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Multiple Author Selection / Field Type = Relational -> User

  • Hi there,

    Have scoured the forums, but to no avail – here’s hoping someone can help!

    Essentially, I want administrators to be able to add a custom post type and then select two options when it comes to authoring (I’m attempting to do both via a ACF Relational -> User).

    1. Authoring Company (select one only).

    This contains a company logo, custom link, bio.

    2. Authoring Person (Multi-select – one or more).

    Contains an author bio with extended custom fields (as above, but slightly varied).

    The custom user profile fields are set using the WP Types plugin and assigned based on a user role (contributing person / contributing company).

    I can pull in the fields for the company, when it is set as the general author, but what I also want to display the ‘Authoring Persons’ with the associated custom fields in a separate block, which is proving troublesome when they aren’t set as the overall author.

    Open to any suggestions / alternative options!

    Many thanks.

  • Hi @tjm1987

    Could you please explain your problem in more detail? If you can share some screenshots of the issue, that would be great!

    If you use WP Types for the custom fields and want to show it, I’m afraid you need to ask WP Types support instead.


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