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Multilangual option in ACF

  • Hi, I’m developer that use ACF. It’s great!
    One thing that is a problem for me is to built multilangual sites and using ACF.
    Of cousre there is WPML and WPTypes, but this is not solution.
    I wonder if there is an option to create ACF pages with multilangual option?

  • Absolutely what I would need.
    We use ACF in every single Project and it´s the best extension ever, but we´re need to build multilingual pages all the time as well, and since this works like shit together I would really appreciate if you could get this work together. ACF is the biggest custom field extension and wpml is the biggest translation plugin. Please add WPML support.

    Even if this is a additional paid plugin, it´s fine with me.

    Like I see here, it was possible one day to dublicate / translate the field groups (

    The Problem now is, if you select a english page where ACF should appear, it´s gone in french until you duplicate the whole field group and add the french page as new position. In the end you´ve got every field group dublicated and it shows multiple times on the page or post you selected. I guess you already know whats up exactly. As a fan who bought each of your plugins, I beg you: please add WPML support.

  • I think that is hard to connect WPML with ACF, but it will be easiest to create multilangual plugin from the same author like ACF.
    It’s because, author of ACF can occur future problems when someone from WPML change some of functions.

    For me, it’s better way to have single plugin for multilangual working with ACF.

    WPML has many options that I’m not using.

    Issue for consideration 🙂

    Of course it can be paid plugin, I will pay for it as I pay for addons 🙂

  • I know this is not a help right now, but I see the same issues with the way other ML plugins work.

    I am in the process of building a multisite plugin that works completely different to the way the standard WP multisite setup works. My idea is that you edit a single page that can appear on multiple sites and that you can specify alternate content to appear on each of those sites. One editor == multiple pages with different content. My plan is to also create a “Multilingual” addon. My idea will require the use of sub-domains for creating each language site and will not support a sub-folder structure for languages.

    But, I am building this plugin using ACF to build it and it takes into account all the things that ACF does specifically. Since I’m using ACF to do the building it will always need to be up to day with what ACF is doing.

    I also plan on it being extremely focused, I’m not going to be building in any extra fluff. The reason is that I’m building my plugin to be an aid in developing sites and assume that it will be used mostly by developers that can handle adding what they need. Just the backbone that makes the whole multisite thing work.

    Like I said, not much help today. But I too do nothings without using ACF to do it and the fact that most of the other plugins available to not work and play well with ACF is a huge issue for me.

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