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Moving Repeater Values Across Pages

  • Haven’t been able to find any answers to this in the forums so I thought I’d ask.

    I’m working on a concept that involves multiple custom post types that use repeaters within them. I’m realizing that if my customer wants to move one of the repeater rows from one of the posts to the other, it would have to be done by either manually entering each row in, or by using the database which isn’t going to work for this project.

    Is there any way to easily move a whole repeater row and all of it’s many subfields over to a different post that has the same field groups?

    Alternatively, my other idea is to just have a separate options page that would house all repeater rows and then being able to dynamically select from those rows within the post, which would allow for one source of content and being able to fairly quickly turn on and off the rows in each post. But I want this to be fast and I’m not sure if that starts to pose some performance issues.

    Any other solutions would be GREATLY appreciated!

  • I’m facing a similar challenge and I’m wondering if you ever found a solution.

    My scenario:

    1. Options page #1: an ACTIVE repeater with the following fields
      • Product (text)
      • Date in (datepicker)
      • Date out (datepicker)
    2. Options page #2: a duplicate from [1] named ARCHIVE

    ARCHIVE has the exact same fields as above.

    After field [Date out] reaches a certain date, I want that specific row to be moved (or copied) from the ACTIVE to the ARCHIVE.

    Hope I make sense.

    Thanks in advance!

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