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Moving repeater field caused loss of subfields. v5

  • Thats pretty much it. I moved repeater field from one group to another and then dicsovered that subfields were not transfered.

    Edit: After more testing i get following picture. Seems like it depends on order of your actions.

    If (after repeater field got moved) i save the field group it was moved from then repeater in target group will appear empty. However if i first go to target group (without saving source group) and save it then all subfiled of repeater will be in their place. However if i try to add data i will see that repeater subfileds got rendered twice. Going back to source group and re-saving it solves the problem.

    Hope this will help to nail the bug.

  • Having this same exact issue, although it’s good to see that the order in which you do things helps to alleviate it. Working w/ Support now to try to get it resolved.

    Happens with Flexible Content Fields as well.

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