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Moving fields between groups

  • I wanted to reorganize my acf fields lately, i was creating my groups and fields rather hasty and now i can’t find anything there.
    I noticed there is no simple options for that, and plugin allowing me to merge groups in tabs is not working.
    But i had an idea. What if i use export to json option, reorganize json and later i will import this file?
    What will happen, will i have doubles, i have to remove all groups after export and before import? If so, will something will happen to database if i will remove groups before importing?

  • ACF 5 has an option to move fields to another group, though it can be rather slow if you need to move many fields. When you hover over the field name there should be a “move” option. This will let you choose another field group to move it to.

    Yes, you could also export your field groups to JSON, manually edit the JSON files and then import the groups (or sync them)

  • But will moving between groups change field keys? i have to keep keys intact

  • No, the field keys remain unchanged. Only the “parent” value is changed.

  • Good to know! Thank you

  • If someone else finds this topic and wonder why it’s not working – you have to edit the “modified” value of the field group. Otherwise, it won’t recognize the change and the “sync available” option won’t show up.

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