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Moving Fields Between Groups

  • I wish to move a taxonomy field from one group to another. Both groups are part of posts.

    If I move the field, I assume… that all data is also moved and still linked?

    Could someone confirm this?

  • No, if you move the field all data will still be associated with the field in it’s old location. See my explanation here about moving fields

  • Thanks, glad I asked as there is no warning of this.

    What is the best way to do this then? If a post is tagged to a taxonomy, and cannot move the field, if I set up a new taxonomy field in the other field group, could this populate some how so it is ticked in the categories it is associated with?

  • A taxonomy field probably the only field type that can be moved under the right conditions.

    If the field has both “load terms” and “save terms” ticked on then you can move this field. The reason being that the values that ACF shows are actually the posts taxonomy/term relationship and not values stored in the post.

    But if save terms and load terms are not turned on then you’ve got the same problem.

  • Only save terms is ticked

  • Well, the terms are saved and ACF created the relationships. Turning on load terms will load those already saved relationships so you should be okay if you do this. I’ve personally never understood why there are 2 settings because if I want to save the term relationships then I always want to load them.

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