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Moving all database items from one to another

  • Hi,

    I have 2 different ID but same “Flexible Content Field” areas. All field types inside of it are totally same. I need to move one type’s all saves to other’s bottom in same order in each post. Can you give me some tips for it?

  • I’m not exactly sure what you are looking to do from your description. Are you trying to move the field from on post to another? From one field group to another? Of just trying to reorder the layouts?

  • I have 2 “Flexible Content Field” areas. Lets say their name is “top” and “bottom”. Now I need to merge those. While their ids are different, their structures are totally same.

  • There isn’t an easy way to merge the content of the two fields. I’m not going to say that it wouldn’t be possible, and while I have some idea of all of the changes that would be required, I’m not sure that I could explain it all. You’d have to update all the meta_key values, all the meta_value values that point to the ACF field keys and all of the flexible fields to contain the serialized array of the new group.

    I think it would probably take less time to copy and paste the data than it would take to build a tool to do the work.

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