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Move Repeater 'Add New Row' Button to Top?

  • Is it possible to move the ‘Add New Row’ button to the top of the field? This is for a repeater field in which each group of subfields is displayed in reverse chrononological order and routinely updated, so it would make sense to default to adding each new group of subfields at the top. I know the end user can just use the + button, but I was wondering if it would be hard to move the button to the top for a bettter user experience.

  • Hi @gato_gordo

    Currently, there is no option for this, but perhaps it would be a handy feature to have an option int he backend to allow the add new button to be placed at the top or the bottom or both!

    What do you think?

  • This would be a great feature! When I add a new news (or article or image), I want it on the top of the page, not the bottom.
    In the mean time I looked around for a JQuery solution but did not find one.

    The following one just reverse the number of the <ol> but not its content:

  • Wait a minute!
    There is already such a button!
    1/ Go to the page where you already inserted data in fields.

    2/ Instead of clicking on “Add Row” just hover over the right corner of the first field and click on the + sign which should appear.
    A new row of the repeater field will be created above all the other already created.

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