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Move (or duplicate) layouts between flexible content.

  • Hey all
    I have search for a while in an attempt to locate a way to move a layout from one ACF field group to another ACF field group. I also considered the possibility of duplicating ACF group 1, removing the other layouts and seeing if there is a way to merge two ACF field groups. Effectively, it would do the same thing.

    Does anyone have any ideas? At the moment, the content stored is not an issue and if I lose it, no worries. More just not wanting to have to re-type out a heap of options and possibly make a mistake when I already have what I need but in another ACF filed group.

    Cheers and thanks in advance.

  • That depends on what version of ACF you’re using. ACF 5 has a feature that will let you move fields to other field groups. You can use this feature to copy one field and then move the copied field to another field group if you want to have duplicates in multiple groups, or for example, you have a field that you want to base another field on.

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