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Move fields

  • Hello,
    I made a custom field date picker. In the backend I have options to show it Heigh Normal Side. My theme have some extra fields too. It has a calendar below wysiwyg editor and some other fields below the calendar. How can I put the field where I want. I want to put it between the calendar and the extra fields from the theme. A looked into the theme but I have no idea where is the custom filed after it is created.
    Thanks in advanced.

  • Just making sure you want to move them on the post edit page. If this is the case, the order that ACF field groups appear among other meta field boxes is not really something that can be controlled. This has to do with the order that the plugins and other things are run on the site.

    You can manually drag and drop them into the positions that you want them in and WP will remember the order and show them that way the next time the same edit page is loaded.

  • How can I manually drag them? The field is not draggable. I put it above wysiwyg editor and it stuck there. I thought may be in the functions.php I can add some code to move it, but I don’t know php.

  • K, that is a bit more specific

    In the setting for the ACF field group change then Postion to Normal (below content)

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